Domaine Coutelier

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Quint and Floriane Cutler, with their special French connection, have been heavily influenced by the Reds of Medoc and to a lesser extent the Northern Rhone Valley and the unsurpassable Burgundy Chardonnays and remain keen connoisseurs of these wines. Quint also spent a year living in Alsace in 1988/1989 and got to appreciate some of the lessor known varieties used in Alsacien Wines.

Quint remembers his formative year been suckled on the German whites, which were popular in Britain in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. While having moved on from some of the sweeter German wines, at a trade show, he recently discovered some almost perfect German Rieslings.

In a recent trip to Turkey they tasted a sublime Pinot blanc/Sauvignon blanc blend. A wine to knock your socks off.

They have an extensive private cellar which will be used as a starting point for importing and marketing European wines and possibly from elsewhere.

Wine is our first passion. Sharing this passion is our second passion.