Domaine Coutelier

British born Quint Cutler was an avid brewer making various types of craft beer in his late teens and early twenty’s. While wine wasn’t the popular choice in Britain in those days Quint also experimented with wine making and contemplated a career in the wine Industry.

However fate had other things in mind and Quint went on to embark upon an international career in aviation and transport.

In 1989, Quint moved to France in his mid-twenties and spent the next twenty two years in the Aviation Industry based in Paris. France and the French way of life rubbed off on Quint and he was soon a keen amateur wine connoisseur.

Floriane Cutler, passionate about people, spent the largest part of her career in the humanitarian industry, working in Iraq and Bosnia amongst others. Her last position was as Director for Fundraising and Communications at AIDES, an HIV/AIDS Association caring for and lobbying on behalf of those affected by the condition. Floriane’s love of wine, as with many of the French, is in her genes. Her fondness for Champagne and all things bubbly come from her family who emigrated to Brittany from Reims, France’s Champagne Region.

A brief visit to Stellenbosch set the scene for this couple’s move to the Wine Lands in South Africa and a return to Quint’s passion of wine making with wife and two Children.